Awesome Facts for Star Wars Fans – The Unofficial Collection

The Encyclopedia of Secret Knowledge about the Epic Space Opera

All over the galaxy, there have been numerous undiscovered secrets about the galactic adventure until now!

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Did You Know?

  • The inspiration for Chewbacca was George Lucas’ dog, which had long, thick fur.
  • The famous phrase “Luke, I’m your father” never appears like that in the movies.
  • Initially, a trained and costumed monkey was to embody the role of Yoda.

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Over 400 unbelievable facts from all across the Star Wars universe will make you a true Jedi Master of awesome facts. You’ll be amazed at the secrets of this epic saga and its hidden connections.

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Whether movies, series, games, or fan articles: Find out all the quirky things about the Star Wars universe that even Yoda didn’t know. Each page reveals incredible details, from the iconic Jedi Knights to the infamous Sith Lords.

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