The Puzzle Book of the Brothers Grimm

Discover a Magical Story with Tricky Brain Teasers, Logic Puzzles and Riddles

Can You Crack the Fairytale Codes?

The Brothers Grimm invite you to relive their most famous stories. The secret of this book of fairy tales can only be unraveled with a quick-thinking mind, puzzle-solving skills, and a sharp wit.

Take on the puzzles and immerse yourself in the fairytale world of the Brothers Grimm.

Puzzle Fun for Young and Old

Embedded in the reinterpreted fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm, there are numerous puzzles to solve, hidden codes to crack, and secrets to uncover. These can be tricky, but don’t worry, the brothers have left clues in case it gets too difficult.

Young or old, beginner or advanced, everyone will enjoy this puzzle book.

And They All Lived a Happy, Puzzling After

Experience a surprising adventure with the most popular fairy tale classics, such as Hansel & Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood, Mother Hulda, and Rapunzel. Together with intriguing puzzles, the stories surprise with new twists and numerous secrets.

For in Between and as a Marathon

The story and puzzles can be read in one go or solved in stages. Use the book as a quick distraction in between or as an evening filler. The puzzles can be solved alone or also in a group, like an escape game.


  • Puzzle fun for beginners and advanced
  • The fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm — reinterpreted
  • Can be enjoyed alone or as a group
  • Hints and solutions directly in the book
  • An exciting frame story that ties it all together

Immerse yourself in the world of fairy tales and crack the puzzles! Order now and become a fairytale master!

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